Saturday, October 10th, 9am-1pm

Orchard Hill Church

Ticket Pricing

$25 (on or before Oct. 5th)
$30 (after Oct 5th)*

*Tickets will be on sale through 4:00pm on October 9th. No walk-ins.

Orchard Hill

3900 Orchard Hill
Drive, Cedar Falls


The world around us is overwhelming;

the problems and needs are massive, and we feel so small.

It is tempting to give up trying to make a difference.

It is tempting to pull the shades, turn off the lights, and keep ourselves safe.

But we worship a God who is never overwhelmed by the world He created.

We follow a Jesus who never calls us to pull the shades or settle for safety

We listen to the voice of the Spirit who specializes in working in amazing and powerful ways through ordinary, humble women who are willing to take a risk, willing to put their lives in his hands.

The Power of One

Join us this fall for our Women’s Retreat at Orchard Hill Church where we will focus on the power of shared stories.

the power of honest conversation.
the power of one life, lived for God and then multiplied for good.

Because we believe that when women pause and pay attention, when we step away from our busy lives and really listen,

to each other,
to ourselves,
to God…

There is no end to what He will do through us!

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Registration for the 2015 Rise & Shine Retreat is closed.